Sunday, May 2, 2010

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Reducing Stress that leads to anxiety issues

Having a lot of stress in our lives is a great reason for a lot of anxiety. Many of us walk around in stress bubbles so large that they consume us. I like to start work with anxiety with doing a quick self-care assessment. I will ask you a few questions and let's see where you are!?

1. Do you Smoke?
If yes, be aware that nicotine can cause panic attacks in some people.

2. Do you meditate or pray?

If Yes, this is a great source for relieving stress.

3. Do you drink alcohol?

If Yes, it is important to know that this could lead to sleep problems or even be a trigger for panic attacks.

4. Do you exercise?

If so, that's great because exercise burns up stress causing chemicals in our bodies (cortisol & adrenaline) which helps you to relax and also boosts serotonin which is a "feel good" endorphin in our bodies. This endorphin also helps reduce sleep abnormalities. Exercise also helps those that stress over things such as body image issues, self esteem, and has proven to positively affect depression.

5. Do you set goals for yourself?

This is a great strategy for anxiety relief as it centers you on something important and leaves less room for ruminating thoughts and feeling out of control.

6. Do you know or practice any relaxation techniques?

If not, you are missing out! There are several relaxation techniques available and these are useful to people that have a lot of anxiety and even those that just like to keep the anxiety they do have under control.

7. Do you have friends or someone to talk to?

Having friends/social support and of course your friendly neighborhood therapist can be very affective at keep stress and anxiety at bay and helping you talk and work things out.

8. Are you good at time management?

Having poor time managment can be the source of a great deal of a person's anxiety. Knowing where you are supposed to be, prepared for those events, and not over booking yourself can make a great difference in your anxiety level.

9. Do you get 6-8 hours of sleep daily?

If not, you are doing your body a huge disservice. Your body is more prone to anxiety attacks and overdue stress if it is not well rested.

10. Do you have a good diet?

If not, be aware that so many good foods available to us help us manage our stress by providing our bodies with what they need!

I hope that you can find a few of these tips to work on in your life to reduce your stress and therefore lower your anxiety levels.

Chime in everyone, which one of these tips hit you as something you could improve on. Which ones are you doing right?

Have a lovely day...winner of the drawing for anxiety will be announced this evening 5/1/10