Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Introductions are in order

Welcome to "Living a Full, Happy, and Healthy Life." I hope that you are coming here because you are genuinely interested in bettering yourself, the way you live, and the way you feel. I thought I would start by introducing myself (even though many of you will already know me) and giving you some background as to why you might want to read, what you should expect from this blog, and who I am.

I am Erica Lewis, a Marriage/Family Therapist Intern in Southern California. I practice under a brillant Psychologist by the name of Dr. Jennifer Fee in Placentia, California. You can find out more about our work at
Vision Quest Psychological Services. Our web-page is currently undergoing construction so please be patient with us and check back often for new features. I graduated from Vanguard University of Southern California with my Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology and my Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage/Family Therapy. While I was in Graduate School, I worked with both adolescent's and adults with a variety of different presenting problems. I now work with mostly adults and specialize in Grief/Loss, Depression, and Acceptance of Medical Diagnosis such as Cancer, Diabetes, MS, and various other chronic illness.

I am interested in various topics within the field of psychology and use every single day to learn something more about my career. To me, it is more of a passion than a career. I enjoy every session and every opportunity to share with others so that their quality of life is increased. Now that I have introduced myself, let me introduce the blog.

The idea for this blog is really exciting for me and I look forward to all of the evolution and change that it will take along the journey. I have a few plans already in motion for the blog and would welcome any suggestions, comments, or feedback you might have as a subscriber. Below is a list of things to come that you might be excited about too!

  1. Articles written on various topics within the field of mental health (including but not limited to; eating disorders, depression, relationships, marriage, trauma, anxiety disorders, coping skills, and even stress reducing exercises.) There are a number of topics I hope to cover and am open to suggestions in this area as well.

  2. Book reviews based on literature I have read that might be of use to those of you struggling with certain areas. These will be subjective reveiws that come from my personal opinion of the book or one of my guest blogger's opinions. They are not to be taken as fact, as any opinion is open to critique.

  3. Guest bloggers that will write posts to share with you based upon their personal experience or expertise. This includes not only survivors of certain mental health issues or concerns but also professionals in the field who specialize in areas outside of my niche.

  4. Interviews with people who have struggled with certain areas of mental health and have been so generous to provide information about their journey and help others navigate through. All interviews will be anonymous and remain confidential so if you are open to an interview on a certain subject, contact me privately and we will arrange something.

  5. Fun; I fully intend to incorporate humor, videos, podcasts, movie clips, music, etc... into this blog in order to serve our many mental health needs including laughter and enjoyment.

For now, these are my ideas for the blog and where I see it going. Again, I am always open to suggestions and will take all feedback as something I can use to make the blog better and more useful to its readers.

I hope that you all enjoy your time here on "Living a Full, Happy, Healthy Life" and tell your friends to log on and follow it as well. If you are not sure how to become a follower, you need to have a google or blogger account and then click on "Follow" on the Blog's home page where you just came to read. Below you will find contact information for myself if you are interested in scheduling an appointment.

Thanks for reading,

Erica L. Lewis, M.S. MFTI


Business Line: (310)487.2152

** This phone # is connected to a confidential voicemail and all messages will only be checked and heard by myself. If you use email to contact me, please be aware of the obvious confidentiality risk***

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