Sunday, April 18, 2010

Question for everyone

Hey everyone out there following...I have a question for everyone that could be worth the work.

I am planning on choosing a winner by random drawing based on the answers to this question.

The question:

What are the ways you deal with your anxiety daily? Please feel free to share the healthier ways you deal with it as well as the unhealthy ways. I am gearing up for an anxiety series and would love your input!

Each person who answer the question gets a entry into the drawing. Have a lovely day!



  1. I deal with anxiety by taking a few minutes to watch part of a sitcom or a funny youtube clip. Anything to get me laughing is a great way for me to deal with stress.

    If I have a while, a hot bubble bath and a book or magazine do the trick.

    Sometimes I also just tell myself out loud that I am being irrational and to chill out.

  2. Thanks Joni, you are entered into the drawing!

  3. WOW!! How do I deal? Right now coffee is how I deal, but normally I try and talk to Rob about it or he will let me take what must mean a much needed nap. I am building a great support team here and this is helping to. Prayer is a given, asking God to please carry me through this till I can stand firma again.
    But right this minute COFFEE sweet heart!!
    Oh we are followers now too!!!!

  4. Thanks Jodi, you are entered twice as well! :)

  5. I was diagnose with severe anxiety after Leighton's birth and the dr prescribed me meds. They made a world of difference until my insurance was dropped. They had to up my dosage to be able to get it in generic form so that I could afford to pay for it. Ever since then, nothing's been right. I gained 30+ lbs and depended no the meds HEAVILY! because they were such a strong dosage. I tried to go off them cold turkey in the winter but had brain shocks and I was dizzy and I couldn't function day to day. NOT GOOD! SO.......we decided that I would try it again. This time I would cut the dosage in half and take them every other day....I'm almost completely done with them (by that I mean, I haven't taken any for a few days and I don't feel as if I need them).To replace the "effects" of said medication, I've started working out. I walk 3 miles a day, I have changed my diet COMPLETELY!!!! I take time for ME! As you know, I stay home with the kids and that can be pretty hectic but I've started finding more creative ways to keep us all entertained! Getting out and about and enjoying the outdoor is amazing in dealing with my anxiety issues...lots of praying...lots and lots and lots! Not for God to make me feel better but just talking to him about my day, about my problems, etc. makes me feel tons better. :) Oh...and facebook ;) and starbucks hehe :)

  6. I bite my nails; that is why I have acrylics cause they are less tempting.
    I go out anywhere just so I can avoid whatever/whoever is causing me to be anxious.
    I eat!!! UGG!

  7. Thanks Jess and Denisse, you are both entered into the drawing. Jess, you are entered twice for being a follower! Denisse if you follow the blog, you will get a second entry!