Saturday, November 20, 2010

A new season of mental health

I have been thinking about ideas to make my mental health blog more exciting and more beneficial for its readers and to entice new readers. I have come up with a plan to do monthly series on certain subjects so that there is a ton of information on things that people are interested about. I am going to start this on December 1st so without further ado...the theme for December is....

I think since December holds Christmas and New Years eve it is a great time to talk about what comes up a lot...Family. Family issues often arise at the holidays with In Laws and sibling rivalry and even divorces. Missing your family or grieving family can often be much more uncomfortable during the holiday season! I am hoping to cover all of these topics and more. If there is any topic about family you would like me to cover, just comment or email me and I will be on it! I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving and come on over on December 1st through the 31st to see what's in store with FAMILY! :)

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