Tuesday, January 4, 2011

External Realities of life

To continue in our pursuit of better Time Management here are some External Realities that could be hindering it in your life and how to tackle them: Again, this information comes from the book "Time Management from the Inside Out" by Julie Morgenstern

External Realities

Reality # 2: You are in transition

There are so many transitions that can throw your schedule off of balance. A few of these are getting married, getting divorced, changing jobs, moving, having a baby, adopting, retirement, illness, surgery, etc... Give yourself grace during the transition and try to do things that ground you like exercise or a hobby.

Reality # 3: You are in an interruption rich environment

Many of us are in positions where we are interrupted often and on a consistent basis. A great example of this is a mom with a newborn baby. Not only does she qualify for reality # 2 but also will find it hard to meet her own time demands when her baby decides when she is available. You cannot control many aspects in life depending on your situation and career but what you can do is allow for those times in your schedule and make goals to use uninterrupted time to get your most important tasks completed. This may mean taking some time away, turning off your phone, having a colleague cover a shift, etc... Having this type of life can be very difficult but its doable!

Reality # 4: Other People's Chaos

Some of us have spouses who are chronically late or disorganized. This can cause you to get your schedule out of balance. Some of you might have a boss who doesn't communicate well. The biggest step you can take in these situations is to have a face to face conversation about what would best for both of you depending on your common goal. With your boss it may be productivity of the company while with your spouse, it might be less arguments. Use that to come up with compromises. Realize also that the person you are having problems with is entitled to their own personality so find ways to work with their quirks.

Check in tomorrow for the Psychological Obstacles that could be getting in your way of keeping a great schedule!

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