Monday, February 15, 2010

Marriage Monday

Yet another idea of mine to incorporate a day of the week to a specific area of health. Marriage is one of the most important relationships that people enter and often times it is the one that gets neglected in terms of work. That is the reason that the statistic is stated time and again that half of all marriages end in divorce. One of the biggest passions of my heart is happy marriages staying happy and together. I will be using Mondays as a day to ask marriage questions, suggest resources, suggest tools, and discuss important marriage topics. Today, I wanted to give a bit of a recommendation for Christian married couples. I stand by this book with so much of me and it has changed me and others I have worked with. I hope you pick it up and give it a read. Stay tuned for a chance to win a copy in upcoming blogs!

The book is obviously called "Covenant Marriage: Building Communication & Intimacy." It completely changed my mindset on marriage from a contractual agreement to a covenant.

This is the Editorial Reviews as well as a bit of information about the author. Gary Chapman also wrote "The Five Love Languages" books so many people are familiar with his work.

Editorial Reviews
Product Description
The Covenant Marriage program encourages Christians to exercise the promises and expectations of God’s covenant love in marriage. Practicing Covenant Marriage means couples must offer each other steadfast loyalty, forgiveness, empathy, and commitment to resolving conflict so as to encourage each other in spiritual growth.

In this new book, Dr. Chapman shows how communication and intimacy are two of the most important aspects in developing a successful Covenant Marriage. At the heart of it all are the principles that lasting answers to marital growth are found in the Bible, your relationship with God enhances your marriage relationship, communication is the primary vehicle by which two persons become one in the marriage relationship, and the idea of biblical oneness involves not only sex, but intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and social oneness.

About the Author
GARY CHAPMAN is the author of the New York Times bestselling The Five Love Languages book series. He is the director of Marriage and Family Life Consultants, Inc., and travels around the world presenting seminars. Gary's radio program airs on more than 100 stations. For more information, visit (

Thanks for stopping in today and if you are married, make sure and make Mondays a day to visit the blog to get more tools to make it the best marriage you can have.

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  1. I like "Love for A Lifetime" by James Dobson (great for singles looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right & also great for the early years of marriage) & "Relationship Rescue" by Dr. Phil. (I am not a fan of Dr. Phil's, but I wish I'd had this book in the early years of our marriage. LOTS of good advice in it - both for the reader as an individual and for the reader's marriage.)