Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finally a solid lineup that I want to stick with.

Hello everyone. First of all, I want to apologize for being less than consistent in the blog. I have been working on various topics for it and trying to decide a lineup of how I want to do things in the future. I have come up with a line up for the daily posts and some ideas for series, guest bloggers, giveaways, events, etc... I hope you all enjoy the things to come.

Here is the weekly lineup so you can decide what days you would like to stop in and get some tidbits of mental health for your day.

Monday: Mental Health Monday (quick tips for everyday mental health)

Tuesday: Talk it out Tuesday (This day I will answer your mental health questions, address a topic that you have suggested, or talk something out that I find needs to be addressed and it will certainly involve an open forum for your comments and feedback.

Wednesday: Wedded Wednesday (Marriage tips, communication ideas, how to grow, conflict resolution, book reviews, date night ideas, etc...)

Thursday: Thirsty Thursday (This day will focus on things to not just Survive life but to thrive. How to find happiness in the midst of things that are common to all of us)

Friday: Family Friday (Family tips, ways to build stronger families, blended families, adoptive families, interracial families...all things FAMILY)

Saturday: Stressed out Saturday (this day will focus on things that cause or exacerbate stress like children, finances, health matters, grief, etc...)

Sunday: Self Care Sunday (ways to take better care of the person that you most depend on, you!)

I strongly encourage you to become a follower of my blog, bookmark it etc...and come back on the days that apply to you. I will also be starting a newsletter that goes out weekly very very soon and would love it if you would all consider subscribing to it once it is in action. If you are interested, leave a comment and let me know that you are. It's never bad to get a mental health boost in your email!

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