Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wedded Wednesday 6/30/2010

Today is our first ever installment of "Wedded Wednesday." This is going to be a place for couples in all stages of life to get advice, tips, ideas, and tools to help their relationships. Although it is called Wedded Wednesday most things can be related to dating couples or engaged couples as well.

Today's topic is going to be date night. My husband and I have started to diligently institute a date night on Thursday nights and it has gotten to the point where we both are super excited for Thursdays to come. I decided today to write up some things that you can use as conversation starters for your date nights. Sometimes when couples begin dating again, they think they don't have anything to talk about besides the kids, the house, the laundry etc... I am here to tell you, you do!

Here are just a few suggestions for conversations that make a good jumping off point for those nights where it is just you and hubby/wife and a cup of coffee at your over priced yuppy coffee house of choice (mine is Starbucks!)

Conversation Starters:

1. What is your favorite memory of our wedding day/first date?

2. Tell me about a piece of art, book, or movie that changed the way you think about life.

3. Tell me about a high school/college friend I have never met. What did you like about them? Where are they now?

4. What are your favorite smells and why? What memories do they evoke?

5. What is your favorite dish that your mom/grandma makes and why is it so special for you?

6. What is your earliest memory?

7. How did you know I was the one for you?

8. What is one thing you like more about me now than when we first got married/started dating?

9. What hobby or interest do you have that you have never pursued?

10. If you have another honeymoon with me, where would you want to take me?

Hope these start your date night off great. Seek to know each other the way you did when you first met. You would be surprised how exciting your hubby/wife can be!

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