Thursday, December 16, 2010

Staying Organized

One thing that can lead to a chaotic household is clutter, disorganization, and one person trying to do everything by themselves. Each part of a family should be able to hold their own in terms of family chores, responsibilities, and tasks. I know everyone probably remembers the 80's sitcom, "The Facts of Life" and if you remember it, you remember Blair. Well, Blair (Lisa Whelchel) is now a writer and web-site owner who talks on topics of family. I ran into her website and really enjoy the advice she gives and tools she provides. I have provided you with her template for Household Chores so you can make a chart for everyone in your family to start pulling their weight and decreasing the family stress.

I think that having a chart and certain tasks that need to get done help to keep the family on task. Also, my own personal addition is that having a points system for each task a child completes helps them to see incentive for doing things that are above and beyond. Some tasks around the house should not get points like keeping their own space clean and possibly other family responsibilities but when you see your child going above and beyond to do something great, points to redeem for privileges are a great way to encourage that sort of behavior.

Tomorrow check back in for a template for a month's worth of meal planning. Getting and staying organized in your home has the potential to eliminate tons of stress!

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