Friday, December 17, 2010

What's for dinner?

Do you guys hate this question as much as I do? Every time I am asked "What's for dinner?" I get irritated. Not because I don't love to cook, because I do. Not because I don't love cooking for my loved ones, because I do. The reason I hate the question is most of the time, I do not know what is for dinner until I go to make it or perhaps until I thaw whatever we are having that morning. I have started to meal plan for the month recently though and found that it is much better for our budget in terms of buying groceries and keeps me from hearing that question. I can just say, look at the meal plan!

In my house, this keeps me on my toes budget wise because I have to buy all potential ingredients for the 2 weeks or month I have planned and eliminate un-needed trips to the grocery store. This keeps me from putting anything unnecessary in the cart and I am sure saves me loads. This also helps me not to let any food items go bad by planning my meals according to leftovers and fresh produce being used up! Again, I got this tool from Lisa Whelchel's website so I have given you the link so you can also create a month of meals to plan from.

Have a lovely day and Happy Dining!

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