Monday, July 26, 2010

Stressful Saturday 7/24/2010

Did you know that kids get stressed too. As a matter of fact, I have seen numerous children in therapy who have anxiety disorders and deal with stress heavily. I decided to put on some tips on some ideas to reduce stress in children:

1. Imagination:

Using your imagination can be quite relaxing and helps foster children's creativity. Encourage your child to close their eyes, dream up a far away happy place and take you with them. Find out what inspires your child with this exercise.

2. Three Wishes:

If you want to find out what is stressing your child out, ask this simple question: if you could wish three things, what would they be? You might not get the answer you think.

3. Game play:

Playing a board game might get a child talking and relaxing so break out LIFE and get going.

4. Draw a picture:

Again, this is a way to get an idea of what is happening in your child's life. They often draw things that are bothering them or they may draw what would be ideal right now.

5. A day to getaway:

Give your child the day to choose activities for both of you and play along with whatever they need. Sometimes simple attention and focus helps them de-stress

Keep checking back for more tips on reducing stress in children!

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