Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wedded Wednesday 7/14/2010

Last week I talked about signs that your marriage may be in trouble. It is time for new diagnostic. How about thinking about whether your marriage is healthy and happy. Here is a checklist of things you find in a happy/healthy marriage.

1. You go to bed at the same time: There may be times that you go to bed together and then one of you can't sleep but overall couples that go to bed together whether for intimacy, snuggling, discussion, or just to be close are generally happy couples!

2. You have developed shared interests: Having things that you enjoy doing together is a great sign of health and happiness. My husband and I love Las Vegas, road trips, new restaurants, a great bottle of wine, silly museums and sites and coffee shops!

3. You hold hands: This could be brief times or a lot but holding hands is a sign of closeness and intimacy.

4. You Accentuate the positive: Happy couples do not over exaggerate the negative in each other but focus on the positive most of the time. This doesn't mean you don't have issues, but they do not outshine the happy moments!

5. Forgiveness and Trust come easy: If you find it easy to forgive little things and trust your spouse, you are clearly in a healthy place.

6. Hugs and Kisses when you greet: Whether away from each other for a few hours or a few days, the happy healthy couple greets each other with embraces!

7. Saying good morning and goodnight: Treating your spouse better than you treat strangers is a great way to stay healthy and see if you are healthy. If you grunt at each other and don't greet each other, perhaps things are getting a bit too lazy!

8. Reaching Out: Happy couples tend to reach out during their day in some way whether it is a text message on their break or a phone call just to check in. This a way to know you are on each other's mind.

9. You take pride in each other: Happy couples are proud of each other and of their relationship. They don't down to their partner or about their partner but always speak kindly and proudly about who they married.

10. You respect them: If the person you respect most is your spouse; great job! You have a happy and healthy marriage!

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