Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wedded Wednesday 7/28/2010

Since today is a special historical day for me, I decided to start a new series on building a checklist before you get married.

I am going to cover one topic that you should consider as PRE-married people. This also works for married people in seeing what things could be causing conflict in your marriage and things you might possibly want to start working on.

We are going to start with a very obvious one...

Does your future spouse or current spouse have the ability to compromise and do you?

When you get married so many things change in your life but not everything changes. For example, if you are someone who enjoys watching sports on television and your spouse does not, chances are, you will still enjoy watching sports and they still won't once the I Do's are in place.

Now, as a married couple compromises generally take place on both sides. Using our prior example, let's say that as a single person you watched sports on television 4 days per week. Your spouse NEVER watched sports on television and enjoyed sitcoms instead. In your house, there will most likely need to be a level of compromise. A good example would be you changing to 2 days of sports on television a week and your spouse watching at least one of those days with you. Shared interests are important and although your personality will NEVER change, the situations in your life will.

Can you think of any area where you will NOT compromise and other areas where you are 100% willing to compromise?

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